About the store

Our Bead and Craft Outlet is open to everyone!
There are no minimums and you do not need a business license to shop in the Outlet.

We are well known for our dedication to providing unique and beautiful rosary making supplies. The native beading and dream catcher supplies have expanded. Costume-making supplies, appliqués and feathers are now merchandised in a major aisle. We even have some items fishermen need! The choices for glass, semi precious and one of kind beads are beyond compare.

We are constantly adding to our shelves and new items are added weekly. There are thousands of items to choose from but keep in mind they change or sell out, so you may not find them on a second visit.

If you have never been to the Outlet, set-aside some time and visit soon. If you have not visited recently allow me to say, you have no idea what you have been missing! The Outlet is even more convenient to visit because we are open Tuesday through Sunday! We are only closed on Mondays and Public holidays.

In closing let me you remind you to fill out your free membership card when you visit, as it will entitle you to an additional 10% off. Also, visit and like our Facebook page for special events and surprise sales!

Happy Crafting!